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Professional Metal Stamping Part Rapid Prototype
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Stamping process
 Bending: The plastic sheet metal, pipe and profiles bent into a certain angle, curvature and shape of the plastic molding method. Bending is widely used in the production of stamping one of the main processes. Metal material bending is essentially an elastic-plastic deformation process, after unloading, the workpiece will produce the direction of elastic recovery deformation, called rebound. Rebound affect the accuracy of the workpiece, the bending process must consider the technical key. [2]
 Drawing: drawing, also known as drawing or calendering, is the use of die to blank after the blank into the open hollow parts of the stamping process. With the drawing process can be made into cylindrical, ladder-shaped, cone, spherical, box-shaped and other irregular-shaped thin-walled parts. If combined with other stamping processes, can also produce extremely complex shape of the parts. In the stamping production, many types of drawing parts. Because of their different geometric characteristics, the location of the deformation zone, the nature of deformation, the distribution of deformation and the various parts of the stress state and distribution of the law has a considerable, even the nature of the difference. So the process parameters, the number of processes and order to determine the method and mold design principles and methods are not the same. A variety of drawing parts according to the deformation mechanics can be divided into straight wall rotating body (cylindrical), straight wall non-rotary body (box body), curved body (curved shape parts) and curved non-rotating body four Types of.
 Stretching is to pull the sheet through the pulling force, so that uneven tensile sheet metal tensile stress and tensile strain, followed by sheet metal and pull-shaped die-fitting surface gradually extended until the surface with the pull-shaped model fully fit. The main application object is a double-degree skin with plasticity, large surface area, smooth curve change, high quality requirement (accurate shape, smooth flow line, stable quality). Pull-shaped process equipment and equipment used as a result of relatively simple, so the cost is low, flexibility, but the material utilization and productivity is low.
 Spinning is a metal rotary process. During the processing, the billet is actively rotated with the spinning die or the spinning head revolves around the billet and the spinning die, and the spinning head moves relative to the mandrel and the billet to make the billet produce continuous local deformation to obtain the required hollow rotation Body parts. [1]
 Shaping is the use of the shape of the established abrasive products on the shape of the second dressing. Mainly reflected in the pressure plane, playing feet and so on. For part of the material there is flexibility, can not guarantee a molding quality, the use of re-processing.
 Bulging is the use of mold sheet metal stretch thinning local surface area increased to obtain parts of the processing method. Commonly used ups and downs, cylindrical (or tubular) rough bulging and sheet metal rough drawing and so on. Bulging can be achieved by different methods, such as rigid die bulging, rubber bulging and hydraulic bulging and so on.
 Flanging is a plastic processing method of bending the edge of a sheet stock material or a material of a narrow band area of ​​a preformed hole portion on a blank to a vertical edge along a curve or a straight line. Flanging is mainly used to strengthen the edge of the part, remove the trimming and parts made with other parts of the assembly, connection parts or complex shape with special, reasonable space, three-dimensional parts, while improving the stiffness of the parts. In the large sheet metal forming, can also be used as a means of controlling the rupture or wrinkle. So in the automotive, aerospace, aerospace, electronics and household appliances and other industrial sectors have been widely used.
 The throat is a stamping method for reducing the diameter of the open end of a non-flanged hollow member or tube blank which has been stretched. Before and after the necking, the diameter of the workpiece after the end of the change should not be too large, otherwise the end of the material will be crushed by severe compression deformation. Therefore, necking down from a larger diameter to a very small diameter often requires multiple necking.

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