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BM4-500 orbit motor orbital hydraulic motor gerotor motor
Product: Views:127BM4-500 orbit motor orbital hydraulic motor gerotor motor 
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Shandong Rnomac Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.,a famous manufacturer of low speed,high torque orbit motor in China. We do quality products,which are CE and ISO9001:2008 certified,with cheap price.The orbit motors have 10 series,including BM1 series (same as OMP of Sauer Danfoss,JH of EATON CHARLYNN,OMP of PARKER,WG of WHITE,MP/MLHP of M+S,BG/BH of SAM) ,BM2 series (same as OMR of Sauer Danfoss,JS of EATON CHARLYNN,TC/TB/TE/TH of PARKER,WR/RS of WHITE,MR/MLHR of M+S,BR/BS/AR of SAM) ,BM3 series (same as OMH of Sauer Danfoss,BM4 of EATON CHARLYNN) ,BM4 series (same as TF/TL/TG of PARKER,DR/RE/CE of WHITE,MH/MLHH of M+S),BM5 series (same as OMS of Sauer Danfoss,2K/J2K of EATON CHARLYNN,OMS of PARKER,HB/WS of WHITE,MS/MLHS of M+S,HR of SAM) ,BM6 series (same as OMT/OMV of Sauer Danfoss,6K/J6K of EATON CHARLYNN,OMT of PARKER,D9 of WHITE,MT/MLHT/MV/MLHV of M+S,HT of SAM).8K series,double shafts orbit motor,rotary orbit motor,braking orbit motor.Please connect sarah wang to get a big discount. Our monthly productivity is almost 5000 pcs,and 40% of them are sold to Chinese trading companies for exporting to some places all over the world,such as Turkey,Lybia,Italy,India,etc.and gained a good reputation for high quality and good service. Rnomac orbit motor quality advantages: 1.CE and ISO9001:2008 certified,7 patents. 2.We have 4 years solid business relationship with many distributors or dealers or whosalers in Turkey,Italy,Lybia etc. The quantities has been continuously raised year by year because the products are very reliable and stable. 3.Double bearing,unique design,large radial force,more stable rotating,longer working lifetime. 4.Baking surface to result in better rust proof probability.No other Chinese manufacturer use such surface processing way. 5.Bearing,seal parts and framework oil seal and other important parts are imported from international high-end and most famous brands in the world,to make sure the orbit motor strong and durable and prevent oil-leakage. 6.Bodies of the motor use the same casting brand as EATON,Antai. 7.Unique chip removing process.We join hands with Shandong University which is one of the most famous university in China,and the top experts in machenism of the university and us invent an unique chip removing equipment,which can make sure each part has no chip and damage,finally thus keeps the motor from leaking oil. 8.Each part inside the motor must be check and double check after done and will not pass to next procedure until it is qualified.If it is not qualified,it will be either thrown away or repaired. We make sure each part of the motor is qualified. 9.After done with assembling an orbit motor,professionals must carefully and precisely test each data of orbit motor specification,if there is one or more data don't match the right figure on specification,this motor will be sent back to re-assemble for another check until it pass the test. 10.Foam package to keep the motor in safty during long shipmennt.